We understand that the economy is impacting many travel and training budgets, leading to many budgets being slashed. Regardless of the merits of a conference, you’ll probably need to justify the expense. Here are some things you want to consider:

– Use this letter to present to your supervisor outlining the costs and benefits of attending the conference. – Focus on what you will specifically bring back to the organization as return for the investment.

– Offer to prepare and deliver a short presentation and Q&A to your colleagues to share what you learned. That way others in your unit will get the benefits of your attendance, too.

– Share the syllabus and speaker handouts with your colleagues. As an attendee, you have unlimited access to materials posted by speakers.

– Be ready with a plan that shows who will cover for you while you are attending the conference.
– Offer to share a room to reduce hotel expenses. It only takes a 2 night stay to experience the entire conference.

– Be sure to check out the registration page where all the various rates are listed to see if you qualify for any of the lower rates or discounts.